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Our products include Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm System, C.C.T.V System, Emergency lights, exit Signs, Fire Cabinet, Hose reel, hydrant System, Nozzles, Fire Suits, Personal Protective Equipment, Foam Concentrates and Foam making Equipment, Fixed Installation system of Co-2 Foam, FM200 and Dry Chemical Powder System, Civil Defence appliances apart from this we also deal with HOCHIKI, C-Tec, GENT Fire Alarm System.




Fire Alarm
Get a wide range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, Smoke detectors , Gas detectors at cheap price in Pakistan.
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Fire Extinguishers
High quality DCP, CO2, Foam, Wet Chemical, Halotron, Water Type Fire Extinguishers are available in Pakistan.
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Fire Hydrant System
n cases of fire, efficient response and downtime of your safety systems
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CCTV System
Internet cameras go by a lot of different names. You might hear them
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Fire Safety Equipment
Safety has 2 types Aluminized Fire Suit and the Armorcoat Anti Shetter Film
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Fire Suppression System
C-TEC’s Automatic Extinguisher panel is based on the well-proven FP 2 zone
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Metal Detector
Great performance of Garrett Metal Detector in Pakistan which meets the exact requirements of the security industry Good for airports, railway stations, and piers, etc
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Fire Fighting Suit
They put their lives in danger to protect us and to secure our homes and assets. When they put their lives at risk, we should also think about their protection.
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