About us

Master Fire Safety

Master Fire Safety is pleased to introduce ourselves as leading importers and dealers of the latest Fire Fighting and Industrial safety types of equipment for the last many  years effectively and at competitive rates through our expert, skilled and technical staff and the main cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.


Fire is a good Servant, but a bad master.

 Master Fire Safety ” as the name suggest is the firm which leads with the slogan “Fire is a good servant but a bad master”. We consider the whole world as our own family and this mentality helped us to take life’s secure message to the whole world. We TEACH, PREACH & REACH to our people- customers-unlike others who sell RED EQUIPMENTS, we work, with our people, find solutions to their safety & Security Problems. We provide local coverage to many clients from a diverse range of business sectors. The company is located in Rawalpindi.

The company has engaged ed in the design, installation, execution, and commissioning of various fire protection systems like Fire Hydrant systems, Sprinkler Systems, Conventional Fire Alarm Systems, and also installation of various fire extinguisher. The company has many reputed clients also.